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Our mission. To bring you the best selection of quality electric bikes and provide you with the very best advice and service.

We're Queensland's premier electric bike specialist.

Our growing range of e-bikes includes 12 leading international brands and we're the #1 dealer for sought-after brands such as BH Emotion, Gazelle, Ezee, Gepida and Wisper. We're also a fully accredited workshop ready to support you with service, repairs, upgrades and custom builds.

We're the brand trusted by electric bike riders.

Electric bikes are our specialty. We've carefully chosen our range to suit our unique hilly terrain and we're passionate about making sure you get the electric bike that's best for you. When you buy from us you can be confident that you're making a great investment. You get an exceptional bike at the right price, as well as great after-sale service and support from a team of e-bike specialists who are setting the standard Australia-wide. That's why more people choose us for their e-bike sales and servicing.

We welcome you to try before you buy.

Come in and test-ride our great range of bikes. Experience the thrill of riding electric at our safe and traffic-free demonstration area or up one of our nearby local hills. Our showroom is located just 10 minutes from Brisbane's CBD. Alternatively, hire an ebike to try over a few days.

Got a question? Visit us, contact us or call us on 1300 553 110. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand ready to help.

World class brands. Five star local service.

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Our bikes are hand picked from awarding winning designs, and the best boutique brands from Europe and North America. All of our bikes and conversion kits are covered by a minimum 2-year warranty.

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Buy with the confidence that you are getting the benefit of a lifetime of experience in the traditional cycling world, and cutting edge knowledge and expertise in motor, battery and electric bike design.

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Customer Service

Buying and owning an electric bike is a big decision. We believe our 5 Star Customer Service Promise will give you peace of mind and the best possible ownership experience.

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From Our Blog

An insiders view on the BH Emotion Evo electric bikes

BH Emotion electric bikes have taken Australia by storm with their beautiful, sleek ebike design matched with the superb BH EasyMotion Rear Drive System. Electric Bikes Brisbane sat down with Dave Fox, Brand Manager of BH Emotion electric bikes, to find out more about these amazing ebikes and the new BH Emotion Evo range of electric bikes coming soon.  EBB: How did you come to be brand manager at BH Bikes Australia, Dave? Dave: I’m an avid cyclist and I had been involved with cycling advocacy for many years when the job opportunity came up at BH Bikes Australia. I have a background in Sustainable Planning and I have been fortunate enough to work on cycle infrastructure throughout Australia. So I guess I followed my passion. EBB: How did BH Bikes get into ebikes? ...

BH Easymotion EVO electric bikes explained

It’s not long now until the new BH Easy Motion EVO electric bikes arrive.  For those of you who haven’t been scouring the ebike review sites,  and Youtube clips, we thought we’d provide a snapshot of what’s new in the BH e-bike range for 2015. BH have been at the forefront of innovation in the e-bike world with their award winning integrated battery design, and this continues into the new 2015 range. What’s amazing is that they have managed to improve on what was already an amazing battery design.  For 2015 the new BH Easymotion EVO ebikes receive a completely revised battery design that incorporates in-frame charging,  and has very useful on battery LED charge status read out. Powered by state of the art 36v Samsung Lithium Ion cells, the new batterie...

Bosch electric bike mid drive systems explained

The BOSCH electric bike system has taken the European electric bike market by storm. It is now used by over 50 electric bike manufacturers around the world. This German designed electric bike system is relatively new to Australian shores, with the first models being made available early 2013. AVE (Germany), Gepida (Hungary), KTM (Austria) and Lombardo (Italy) electric bike manufacturers were among the first to bring this state of the art technology to the Australian e-bike enthusiasts. Often referred to as Generation 1 or the “Classic” line drive system this system is renowned for fantastic performance, great range and excellent hill climbing ability. Not one to rest on their laurels BOSCH launched the Generation 2 mid drive electric bike drive systems in 2013. T...

Electric Bike Benefits

ebike health benefit
Improve your health and fitness.
As well as the cost saving and commuting benefits, electric bikes are fun with a capital 'F'. You'll be wanting to ditch your car in favour of riding more. Being more active and outdoors will naturally lead to a healthier and fitter you.
ebikes save time
Save time on your commute. No sweat.
For most people, cycling into work is a sweaty endeavour especially if your route involves hills. With an electric bike, hills are no longer a challenge, you'll have a faster commute without the sweat and lycra is optional.
ebikes save money
Save on fuel and parking costs.
Owning an electric bike gives you an enjoyable alternative to driving and taking public transport. You can avoid paying for costly petrol, city parking and bus/train/ferry fares. And what's more, you can reduce your emissions and pollution.

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